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29th June 2020 | Nimish

How Digital Signage Helps Businesses To Stay Competitive in COVID-19

The entire world is facing a pandemic situation due to the spread of COVID-19 disease for the past few months, we are still witnessing our lives in the dark and struggling to get back to normal. It is also expected that there might be more lockdowns in the future until we get over the pandemic. […]

17th June 2020 | Nimish

Why Retailers Switching to Interactive Signage?

If you have been reading our blogs regularly, then you must already be well aware of interactive signage. We have spoken so much about interactive digital signage and its benefits many times. This blog is for retailers and small-medium business units, who struggle to survive in overwhelming competition. Digital signage for retailers is popular these […]

26th May 2020 | Nimish

For Interaction to Business Growth: How Interactive Digital Signs Benefits Your Business?

We have talked many times about interactive digital signs, and now they are popular among users. If you can observe the latest trend, users are able to control their own content and develop custom user experiences. Interactive signage can be used in multiple formats. One good example would be digital menu boards that help you […]

10th February 2020 | Nimish

9 (Most Popular) Use Cases of Digital Signage in Movie Theaters

Static signboards and canvas movie posters are dead! Multiplexes and movie theaters have started to implement digital signage for cinema to make a fantastic impact on their employees and, most importantly, moviegoers. Digital signage for multiplexes is a combination of great visuals and data. From dynamic content widgets to breathtaking graphics, digital signage offers a […]

5th February 2020 | Nimish

How does digital signage for hotels enhance the guest experience? [Top 10 use cases]

If you take a look at the hotels a decade back, you’ll notice TVs only in hotel rooms and probably a single screen in the waiting or reception area. Now, many hoteliers are striving to bring innovative solutions to their hotel. One of the ways they’re doing this is via digital signage. And they’re doing […]

22nd January 2020 | Nimish

How Digital Signage can help you Upscale your Car Dealership Business?

Digital signage for car dealership is a new-age visual communications tool, which can help you increase your sales. Car dealerships are utilizing digital signage as a marketing platform to enhance their dealer brand, upsell service packages, and focus on current sales. Digital signage solutions for the automotive industry will help you stand out in today’s […]

6th January 2020 | Nimish

11 (Biggest) Benefits of having Digital Signage for Restaurant

One of the most significantly-trending industries within the digital signage movement is the wide-scale embodiment of digital signage for restaurant business.  As rules and regulations continue to emerge, the majority of restaurants are quickly realizing the advantages of going digital when it comes to menu boards.  Apart from the aesthetic boost digital menu boards offer […]

23rd December 2017 | Nimish

8 (Significant) Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions in Education

The advancements in digital technologies have forced educational institutions to adopt digital signage into their campuses. It helps them to grab the attention of audiences that are hard to reach. Digital Signages have been becoming popular over the past couple of decades. And now, it is taking baby steps towards one of the fastest-growing markets […]

22nd December 2017 | Nimish

How Does Digital Signage Add Value to Your Business Growth

  The advertising world has been transformed tremendously since the last few years due to various emerging technologies. Digital signage is one of them. It replaces the traditional print media from the stretch. Digital signage solutions work as a powerful brand-building platform for the companies as they allow businesses to display essential information about the […]

23rd October 2017 | Nimish

Xynage: A Turnkey Digital Signage Platform For Your Business

In the era of cutthroat competition, businesses cannot just stop themselves by manufacturing the products. They have bigger fish to fry like marketing, sales, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and what not. Latest technologies assist them in simplifying the various business processes. One of such technologies is digital signage that has gained immense popularity […]