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4th April 2017 | Nimish

10 Most Innovative Digital Signage Use Cases, Ever

Every day we come across numerous digital signage displays and billboards. They are everywhere, from airports and malls to offices and restaurants. However, from time to time advertising and activation agencies do something that goes beyond the routine. Here is a compilation top 10 most innovative digital signage use cases, ever: The highest goal by […]

4th April 2017 | Nimish

10 Reasons Why Digital Signage is Beneficial to Your Business

Has the thought of implementing digital signage into your restaurants crossed your mind but wondered if the investment would be worth your time and money? It is absolutely okay to have concerns before getting on board with the idea, considering the daunting upfront installation costs. But if you are reluctant to give digital signage a […]

27th March 2017 | Nimish

7 reasons for banks to invest in a digital signage solution

It’s not a big secret that customer experience (CX) today is a more powerful customer loyalty driver than price-value perception. This is specifically true for banks, says a Forrester research – “Customer experience accounts for 55% of loyalty, and when taken together with price-value, the percent of loyalty goes up only slightly, to 56%” Forrester This means […]