5 Best Digital Signage Features that Boost Your Business through AV Integration

Digital signage has been changed the way industries share the information and promote their offerings. This makes it a widely adopted technology across almost all the industry verticals. The solution contains many advanced features and one of them is AV (Audio Visual) integration.

If you want to build seamless and efficient digital signage solutions, then make sure you have hired a commercial integration company. The reason being only pros can address all the challenges that come in your way while applying AV integration for your content.

AV integration is used in digital signage to make your content more appealing to the target audience and grab their attention. But, every AV integrators cannot have enough skills or tools to make the implementation successful.

Moreover, it becomes difficult for the sales team to promote and sell the AV solutions to digital signage providers if AV integrators are not compatible with traditional AV offerings.

The easiest way is to walk away from digital signage opportunities. Do you think it will be the right decision? You are going to lose a good amount of money. Of course, that’s not a wise choice to make.

Offering the advanced AV integrators, the pros can earn reliable recurring revenue. As the signage technology is evolving with each passing day, it becomes easy for AV integration provides to partner with digital signage solution providers and implement the advanced functionality.

How to Use Digital Signage Features for Effective AV Integration?

Digital signage solution provider and AV integration provider are continuously evolving the modern ways to help the clients attain their business objectives without creating extra tasks.

The right integration of signage and AV elements allows the clients to share great content reliably from the very first day of launching digital content. This also makes the business look like a smart and genius.

Let’s understand the top 5 digital signage features that allow for successful AV integrations that help businesses to grow exponentially.

5 Best Digital Signage Features that Simplify AV Integration

1. User Role-based Access Permission for the Security of Solution

Multiple stakeholders are involved in accessing the digital signage solution or AV system. The stakeholders belong from different functional areas and departments. For the successful project rollout, it is very essential to provide limited access to specific users.

Project lead or network administrator can use the granular user permission to specify the content control, features, and settings as per the user profile. IT manager is allowed to change the technical settings but he cannot make any change in the content.

It enables the businesses or franchise owners to allow the local managers to access the CMS to manage content-related tasks. Thus, he can update the content by considering the needs and desires of the local people.

User permission helps businesses to improve team collaboration. The permissions become more powerful when you combine it with the custom user roles.

User permission might not be very efficient for the project that has a very large group of users it is difficult to define separate permission standards for every single user. But once you define user roles, it becomes easy to create groups and apply access permission for existing and new uses in just a few clicks.

2. Automated Content Publishing

Nobody likes to wait to use the products or services they are ready to pay for. Similarly, clients want to use their AV systems right away. Thus, the automated content comes into the picture.

Using automated content, AV integration service providers can perform a job of content provider too. AV integration pros can offer an additional service named Content as a Service and earn extra bucks.

One of the essential features of digital signage is an advanced content management system that allows businesses to create and share content related to interactive shopper content, wayfinding, social media feeds, menu boards, and more.

Additionally, the solution allows businesses to customize the content and add their own branding over it. The digital signage solution also allows to update the customized content automatically with custom triggers.

3. Management and Monitoring of Multiple Digital Displays Remotely

Brands are using hundreds of or thousands of digital displays to show their digital content. Thus, they need to have a clear idea about the signage networks.

In such a scenario, they have to make sure whether certain screens play the specific content, if there are any issues with any screen then they need to resolve it immediately. As all the screens are available at different locations, they need to address such challenges remotely.

An advanced digital signage solution allows to manage and monitor your digital display through a centralized content dashboard. Users can view and schedule the content, track the health of your signage network by checking the device status in real-time, pull the usage logs, and diagnose the data.

There are many solutions that allow you to leverage free updates. When the updates install remotely and automatically, it reduces your on-site visits and minimizes the need for repetitive fixes or patches. This also saves a lot of time as well as helps you to make your customers happy.

Check out whether the digital signage solution allows you to check the status of all your display available across the world or you need to select the locations one by one. Another option to get an effective and quick overview of your signage network is a live map. You can consider that as well.

4. Compatible to Work for Diversified Industry Domain

While selecting a solution, make sure it should be capable enough to address the varied requirements of the different industry verticals. The best digital signage solution is tested against different use cases.

Rather than investing an AV integrator that fits for a specific project, it is suggested that you go for a powerful solution that you can use again and again for multiple purposes.

Moreover, connect with s reliable digital signage solution provider and establish a long term relationship with them. It helps your team to develop a better understanding of the solution and save your time for searching out a new signage solution partner for your new implementation.

5. Scalability to Meet the Expanding Needs of The Projects

When the project is in, the expectations are much focused. But, as a client engagement improves, the opportunities expand.

Being AV integration professionals, it is your duty to help the client in selecting the right technology based on their specific needs. You can also help them by suggesting different ways that help achieve their business goals. It allows you to leverage the project’s success along with client satisfaction.

Whenever the client wants to expand the project or add a location, you need to start everything from scratch. There are many reliable AV integration providers who are contently adopting the best media players that are easy for the clients to plug it in and add to the existing signage network within a few minutes.

When you use the same hardware (media player) constantly, it becomes easy to meet the growing project needs without investing extra time and effort.


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