How Digital Signage can help you Upscale your Car Dealership Business?

Digital signage for car dealership is a new-age visual communications tool, which can help you increase your sales. Car dealerships are utilizing digital signage as a marketing platform to enhance their dealer brand, upsell service packages, and focus on current sales.

Digital signage solutions for the automotive industry will help you stand out in today’s competitive market. Let’s have a look at various basic ways that you can employ digital signage for car dealerships — for example, digital signage for mechanics and digital signage for oil change shops.

Benefits of digital signage for car dealership

Engage customers via video walls

Imagine a five-foot-long digital screen greeting a customer, showing videos of the latest launched car/truck. This kind of automotive digital signage exhibits the torque of its safety features, engine, and interior design.

From the instant a client enters the front doors, the vibrant content and sheer size of video walls acquire attention, driving interest, and engaging customers in your brand.

Automotive showroom screens, unlike traditional static signs, can not only show a vehicle’s specifications and capabilities in detail but also allows car dealerships to update content without additional wait time and costs.

Digital signage for car dealers

Marketing and sales manager can use car dealership digital signboards as part of their sales strategy. From building a warm, welcoming experience for new clients to showcase new promotions, digital signage for car dealerships is an enjoyable and novel way to create engaging experiences.

By showing digital signage on multiple showrooms, you have a unique opportunity to broadcast your marketing messages by displaying:

  • Your dealerships history and story
  • Used and new vehicles promotions and specials
  • Short clips and commercials promoting new car models
  • Exclusive new finance plans and rates
  • Pre-owned vehicles sales
  • Scrolling ticker of news and information

Digital signage for parts and service department

Your service department is a crucial part of your car dealership business. By including digital signage to your service domain, you are adding more to the client experience by providing pleasant infotainment that decreases the perceived wait time.

Digital signage for your car dealerships service area can also be utilized to advertise and cross-sell plans and service specials. Popular uses include:

  • Display current sales such as a new oil change offer
  • Add a digital menu of pricing and services
  • Display scrolling news and weather forecasts
  • Highlight service specials and programs
  • Add a service management queue with consumer wait times

Digital signage for mechanics

Turn your lobby Television into a marketing and sales machine! Digital Signage for Mechanic Shops is a valuable way to sell more services while improving your client experiences.

Digital signage for mechanics can be utilized to promote new maintenance programs and upsell other services. You can add a series of widgets to the content that shows various types of weather, news, information, videos, sales, and more.

Digital signage for mechanic shops can be used to display:

  • Promotional clips and commercials
  • Custom scrolling messages of the text
  • Media slideshow rotating ads and specials
  • Local weather and news tickers

Digital signage for oil change shops

By adding a digital signboard to your oil change shops lobby, you are creating a new way to interact with your customers. Digital signage for oil change shops is a fantastic way to enhance your customer experiences while upselling additional services.

If you display enjoyable content on the digital screen, you will keep your customers entertained and happy.

  • Wait for Que – add your customer’s name to the line and include a countdown ticker of when their upcoming oil change will be
  • Maintenance Tips – frequently add best practice advice on car maintenance and upsell related services
  • Car Trivia & Interesting Facts – add a series of revolving questions with answers about automobiles, this is an engaging approach towards decreasing perceived wait times
  • Promotions –spotlight new service specials and coupons
  • Customer Loyalty – share information on your rewards program

Digital signage for showing car features

When a potential customer enters a showroom and looks at cars, they would probably like to know which specifications and features go along with it.

Touch-enabled digital signage mounted alongside the automobiles lets customers learn about all the details associated with them on your floor.

Such displays can show detailed car specs, videos, and photos. It can also be configured with a “send to email” function, which allows clients to send car details to themselves for reference.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking forward to implementing digital signage solutions for your car dealership business, you will need a solution that has a custom CMS and allows you to update content on-the-go.

Xynage offers you a perfect solution to boost your automobile sales and increase your revenue. Contact our experts to know more about digital signage for car dealership business.

Digital signage for car dealership – General FAQs

1) How much does digital signage cost?

Digital signage for car dealership costs quite less than static signboards. A digital signage solution like Xynage can cost you roughly $1000 per location.

2) What are some of the significant benefits of digital signage for car dealership business?

The five most significant benefits of digital signage for car dealership business are:

  • Increase in revenue
  • Higher retention rate
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Easy to deploy

3) Which digital signage software is best for my business?

Xynage is one of the most prominent digital signage software and hardware services providers. It runs on the Android OS and comes with a stand-alone device that connects with your screen.

4) What perks do I get with Xynage – digital signage solutions?

You can add social media feeds, multimedia slideshows, HD videos, YouTube playlist, scrolling images and tickers, and more.