How Digital Signage For Office Helps To Improve Employee Communication?

Effective communication is a big deal in many organizations these days. You might have some important message or event information to be passed on to your frontline and base level employees, but it is difficult to keep a track of whether it has reached everyone or not.

Now especially, during these hectic pandemic days, you should deploy a system for conveying safety precautions to be followed by employees while in office. This is where digital signage comes into place. Digital signage helps you effectively communicate with all your staff and employees through digital sign boards displaying attractive content with eye-catching images or videos.

You can enforce any mode of content display system inside and outside of your office premises. You know very well what one should follow while being outside and safeguard them. Not only considering the pandemic condition but naturally, digital signage gives you the freedom of choosing your own content. In this blog, you will learn how best and extreme, implementing digital signage for your office helps in improving employee communication.

Great communication not only enhances employee-owner relationships but also employee–employee relationships as well. Although there are several traditional methods such as text messages, flyers, word of mouth, etc. they are not that effective as digital signs because employees prefer modernity and updated to the latest technology at the workplace, which is very common these days. So digital signage for your office is not a choice but to be regularized, and it ensures that all employees are in line with the organizational updates.

Let us look at some statistics as to how digital signage turned out to be the best to improve employee communication. A recent survey report states that digital signage captures 400% higher views than traditional signboards. Also, 63% of people have conveyed that digital signage catches their attention and 25% of organizations prefer multichannel campaign management as one of their must-need priorities, which is easily possible with digital signage.
Here are some interesting facts that you may like to know about digital signage, and this has been considered from people across the world. These points can definitely convince the point why digital signage for your office so that you can introduce a digital system in your office if you are not into it yet.

  • Do you know that 30% of our brain’s cortex concentrates only on processing visual information?
  • Do you know that our brains can process visual information more than 60,000 times faster than text?
  • Are you aware that 90% of the information passed on to the brain is just visual?
  • Do you know that a normal human can remember up to 2000 pictures for a long period and also with 90% accuracy?
  • Even if it comes down, still we can remember 65% of the visual information.

Good to know these facts, is it not? This clearly shows that visuals are more effective than any other mode of communication. Now let us see what top reasons that experts say about opting for digital signage for your office and how best it can support to improve employee communication.

Top 5 Reasons for Digital Signage For Office

The following factors can help you understand why you require digital signage for office and how effective it could be:

1. Let employees be notified

Use digital sign boards in high traffic areas in your office such as cafeteria, conference hall, meeting rooms, event hall, etc. because they must see their desired location and reach on time for scheduled events if any.

You can have different types of displays; one that shows the room number and the room name; the other one that shows the clock or timing along with the meeting details, meeting duration and other contact numbers for any queries, on a touch digital display.

2. Keep an enlarged display for maximizing workflow

If you wish to highlight any specific meeting or event that all employees should know, then you can make it known to your employees with an enlarged display and attractive content that also has particulars of the event you want to showcase.

You can give a silhouette of what the event or meeting could be around the content with a unique design. This appears as a real-time calendar and gives a gist of what your event is likely to communicate. Sometimes, this helps you predict the headcount of how many show interest towards an event or any office celebrations.

3. Maintain the same flow of communication throughout

Digital signage for offices provides you with the privilege of changing any content anytime on any display, and at the same time, it allows you to display different content on multiple screens or same content on multiple screens, simultaneously.

But you have to be careful while displaying the same content on multiple locations because if there is no consistency in displaying similar content on multiple screens, it may create confusion and leave a negative impact among your employees. This, in turn, can take a toss on your organization name across your employees and staff.

4. Create simple and easy way-finding displays

Way-finding is something very important for employees across the organization. Use right and effective pictures and easy to understand content with simple words in way-finding displays.

Also, depending on which room you would like to make a display for, you can add on phone numbers, the concerned person name for employees to reach the right person without any confusion. Moreover, during recruitment, digital sign boards can be ultimately useful because newbies do not know the whereabouts of your office premises.

Therefore, prepare a digital directory that comprises every minute detail that employees keep searching often.

5. Engage your employees with digital content

If you have an important strategy or sales meeting and you want all your employees to pay attention, then you can create some nice presentations, graphs or digital notes and share it with everyone in the conference room.

Though they listen to your speech or not, they definitely remember the digital representation of values and statistics you want to input them with. Digital signage is such a powerful tool that can convince not only employees but also your clients with showcasing your company features and achievements through an attractive presentation.


Now you would have gained some idea of why you need digital signage for office, and how effectively it helps to improve employee communication. This will again enhance your employees’ overall productivity and support in revenue growth as well. If you have any queries regarding digital signage, undoubtedly you can shoot the email to our customer support executive and we will revert to you within 24 hours from the time we receive your email.

Frequently asked questions on Digital Signage For Office

1. Is there any difference between digital signage and dynamic signage?

No, digital signage and dynamic signage are the same and caters similar features. You use digital signage especially to display multimedia content in public environments, and it need not be common places where people meet but can also be outside of your office premises or any outside premises that has sufficient space for display.

2. How do I know if opting digital signage is good for my business?

We have already discussed the same question in many of our previous blogs related to digital signage. Yet, we must clarify your doubt here. If your business often requires messages to be exchanged or changed from time to time, then you can opt for digital signage.

Similarly, if you are running an IT organization, digital signage for office plays an important role. You can communicate anything that remains common to all employees, using digital displays in common areas, conference or meeting rooms, etc.

3. How much time will it take to create a digital sign?

Every digital sign comprises unique design and content, so deploying digital signage for your organization may consume time according to the number of displays and type of content whether the same or unique content everywhere, decides the duration of creating a digital signature.

You have to purchase digital signage software that can help you save all your audio or video content and display or play it, respectively, in your desired timing and screen of your choice. You can even alter this in-between if you want to display a different one.

4. Is digital signage for office scalable?

Of course, yes. Digital signage has splendid solutions that are scalable according to your business needs and offer solutions for every challenge that you face with respect to the reach of messages you wish to convey.

Be it office or any other product or service-based business, you can mould your displays as per your requirement and see good growth to the next level from the position you are currently in. The best part with digital signage is the flexible content management system that you get excellent results even with minimum effort.