How Digital Signage Helps Businesses To Stay Competitive in COVID-19

The entire world is facing a pandemic situation due to the spread of COVID-19 disease for the past few months, we are still witnessing our lives in the dark and struggling to get back to normal. It is also expected that there might be more lockdowns in the future until we get over the pandemic.

People struggling with ultimate stress staying at home, similarly many businesses are even struggling to survive. This blog is all about how digital signage helping business, and how it supports businesses to stay competitive even in this outbreak.

If you ask when it started, we would say that digital signage was in existence even before this pandemic and very few businesses adopted it, and they incline with a success ratio. Those who are hearing the term digital signage for business as the first time, this is for you, and if you are struggling to reach your target audience during COVID-19, then here you get the perfect solution.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is an interactive platform that connects your customers and employees to you, through digital signboards, digital images, digital content, digital videos, and a more digitized view of your brand. In businesses such as supermarkets, government organizations, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, etc. those are open for the past two months, digital signage for business has taken a major contribution in displaying security and prevention measures for customers visiting their store.

You have such wonderful flexibility to change or remove content and display according to your current situation through digital signage.

According to a report released by ResearchAndMarkets, it states that despite the prevailing COVID-19 outbreak, digital signage is likely to take a toss-up to $26.3 billion by 2027. It is also predicted that the annual compound growth rate of the market will be at 6.4% between 2019 and 2027. Also, the retail industry will hold a major share with digital signage in 2020.

Let us take a look at the benefits of digital signage for business growth in the following sections.

Advantages of digital signage in business

#1: Customers become independent of product search

Generally, if you keep your shoppers engaged, they will turn out to be your potential customers. No customer would like to wait for a long time and someone would come and attend to their concerns.

They may buy products for that time and may not turn out in the future. Digital signage here helps with giving all the information required by your customers through digital boards that keep your customers engaged to know what they are looking for. They need not depend or wait for someone to come and assist them often.

#2: Changing displays effortlessly as per deals

You anyhow keep track of your customer purchases and offer deals on such products that they might want to buy again. But this content is effortlessly changed displayed on the digital boards that definitely catch customer’s eyes and increase your sales percentage. Digital signage is that powerful and effective for your business because content management is really easy.

#3: Automation of displays boost purchase behaviour

You can even automate your product displays with digital signage software and circulate it in crowded areas of your store because it improves customer engagement in the store and the possibility of buying more products. You can apply the same even in your online business that definitely grabs your customer attention extensively.

#4: Attract passers-by through digital signage

For example, if you have a shop in a mall and wish to publicize customers out of your store, then digital signage would be a very effective solution. You can display your product offers in a large-size display board that gets audience attention, who can transform to potential sales as well.

#5: Lower wait times

Anyone would not expect to have a longer wait inside the store. Your customers may have to wait until someone comes and attends or assists them. Instead, if you have digital sign boards that can provide the information that your customers have been looking for, it gets their job done and also creates a positive impression on your setup.

How digital signage contributed to different types of businesses?

Interactive way-finding stations helped stranded people, direct visitors to hospitals, companies, departmental stores, families, patients, etc. to find their way out and reach their desired destination. It also helps people who are suggested for quarantine in government halls or hospitals, to find their way out to the exact location.

Corporate companies adopted digital signage as one of their regular habitats to keep frontline employees and everyone in the organization following rules and staying away from spreading the pandemic.

Queue management tools in digital signage enabled grocery stores and other businesses to control their customer flow on reporting long wait times by allowing them to move in and around the store without forming a lengthy line.

Digital signage also helped in displaying the stock and types of products available, which are essential during COVID-19 such as toilet paper, water bottles, hand wash liquid, hand sanitizer, etc. This, in turn, helped avoid customer frustration and streaming of the crowd.

Even for retailers and several other businesses that were not allowed to operate during this COVID-19, also found digital signage as a unique way to keep in touch with their customers. It was possible for retailers with an app for online selling, to display dos’ and don’ts and safety measures of COVID-19 effectively.

Moreover, you can easily spread awareness and glimpse of hope to your customers, motivating them to stay active, healthy, and fit during the pandemic.

How digital signage is playing a vital role in the new normal?

As we could see that the world is trying to get back to its normalcy, digital signage seems to take the major hold and expand more than the role it is playing in COVID-19.

Now, digital signage has been implemented in counting people to make certain the capacity management of an organization, by integrating artificial intelligence systems into practice; equipping infrared temperature sensors and progressive algorithms to calculate body heat signatures and also for detecting temperatures more than the actual level.

To check whether an employee is wearing a mask, digital signage has its software that makes use of facial biometric systems. This also helps in performing social distancing checks and ensures safety. Moreover, enabling kiosks without touchscreen option ensures contactless visits at hospitals, clinician offices, hotels, restaurants, and more.


Digital signage is an essential technique for businesses of any type these days. If you have enough information to convey to customers on your products/services, nevertheless digital signage for business is the best solution for resolving all your customer-related concerns. If you have any queries or require any assistance on choosing the best digital signage solution for your business, you can reach out to us here.

Frequently asked questions on how digital signage helps businesses

1. Which businesses can use digital signage solutions?

If your business is product or service-oriented and has a lot of information to convey to the target audience and keeps changing as well, then you definitely require digital signage.

To name a few examples, displaying the menu in restaurants and hotels, departure and arrival timings in railway stations or bus stations, product cost, product offers and deals in departmental stores, frequently asked question digital boards in telecom service, education, hospitals, pharmacies, and more.

It also works well if you have mobile apps and are trying to sell online, to your customers.

2. What are the different types of digital signage solutions available?

There are various digital signage solutions available where you can make use of more than one solution upon your requirement. They are indoor digital display signage, digital posters, digital menu boards, multi-panel digital signage, outdoor digital signage, interactive digital signage, context-aware digital signage and Haptics-enabled digital signage.

To know about these solutions, you can contact our customer support team and one of them can help you understand.

3. Is digital signage affordable?

Of course, Yes. Digital signage is available as per your business needs at affordable rates. When you compare with traditional advertisements, digital signage solutions or software do not cost you much. We would say rather than looking at the cost aspect, you should look at the result aspect.

4. What kind of content can I display on digital signs?

Digital signage for business does not restrict you from displaying any sort of information on the signboards. You can show images with high resolution, HD video files along with audio, 3D maps and way-finders, interactive directories, Live TV, PowerPoint presentation, interactive themes with attractive animation, sales and promotion content, event schedules, websites and web pages, social media and other RSS live feeds, calendars, date, clocks, etc. and alert notifications if any.

You can decide which type of content to fit into your business and design the same using any digital signage software and make it automated as well; else you can change the displayed content according to the hourly sale that happens in your store.