How Does Digital Signage Add Value to Your Business Growth


The advertising world has been transformed tremendously since the last few years due to various emerging technologies. Digital signage is one of them. It replaces the traditional print media from the stretch. Digital signage solutions work as a powerful brand-building platform for the companies as they allow businesses to display essential information about the products and services using high-quality content, graphics, and videos.

The digital signage market was valued at 19.61 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, and is poised to reach 32.84 billion in 2023. – Statista

Digital signage has gained tremendous popularity amongst all industry verticals as it helps enterprises to save the cost of papers and printing. Adopting electronic display, businesses can reduce their investment in terms of finance and resources. Leveraging digital display, businesses can gain

Less Spend + More ROI = Increased Profit (value addition to your business growth)

A quite interesting equation for entrepreneurs. Isn’t it?

The technology drives endless opportunities to the enterprises by enabling them to display ads on different digital screens regardless of shapes and sizes. Brands can also run their promotional content on tablet devices and shelf edge displays, free-standing kiosks, single large-format screens, and multi-screen video walls. Businesses can pick any single platform or choose any combination as per your custom needs.

Digital signage is the prime preference of the tech-savvy and sales-savvy brands as it offers a next level flexibility in terms of optimizing and updating the content on the display screens.

10 Amazing Advantages of Using Digital Signage Solutions

Powerful Brand Building

Digital signage is one of the modern marketing communication approaches. It conveys the promotional or informational messages in the digital form. Use of electronic signs helps brands build a strong reputation amongst the customers. It’s an advanced platform to reach out the larger target audience, increase customer engagement, improve user experience, and enhance consumer satisfaction. Offering better experiences to the shoppers, businesses can establish a long-term relationship with the customers and convert them into loyal customers.

Accelerated Profitability

Digital signage completely eliminates the paper and printing cost. It saves a significant amount that you can invest to streamline other business operations. The traditional print ad process takes too long to launch an ad. Because, apart from creating content and design, it contains lengthy processes of printing, publishing and distributing the ads at different locations with varying sizes.

Modern signage solutions involve only two steps: 1) create engaging content and design and 2) launch it on the digital screens. It clearly increases your profit by reducing investment in resources and manpower.

Advanced Adaptability

According to the changing industry trends, brands have to optimize their marketing strategies and pitch the fresh ad campaigns. With the digital signage, businesses can launch the new campaigns in a few minutes across different locations at the same time. Just like ads, businesses can add, edit or remove any data from the digital board at any point in time. Due to extensive content adaptability, signage solutions can be an awesome platform to keep your customers updated with the latest offerings.

For example; restaurants can change their digital menu board within no time. They can introduce or remove any food from the digital menu in a fraction of a second.

Custom Integration and Configurations

Brands can develop custom digital signage solutions to address their specific business needs. Integrating and configuring latest tools and technologies, enterprises can simplify and automate their ad promotion process.

Using the cloud-based digital signage solutions, businesses can launch the fresh campaigns or information at multiple locations simultaneously. Cloud supported digital displays allow for seamless modifications and maintenance of ads through a quite simple drag-and-drop interface.

Moreover, integrating content management web system with digital display solutions, enterprises can gain the flexibility to edit content, adjust parameters and expand location from any browser.

Maximized Competitive Advantages

Apart from ad display, digital signage solutions enable the different industries with versatile competitive edges. The service-oriented firms such as hospitals, banks, etc. can leverage digital display to publish important information for the customers and employees. Adoption of digital signage fuels operational efficiency of the organizations that improve customer satisfaction.

Displaying visually appealing digital content, the technology reduces customers’ perceived wait time and complaints. It increases consumer willingness to visit the store again and again and improves the store revenue through repeat purchase.

Enhanced Digital Connectivity

Advanced digital signage solutions allow brands to roll out products or services related RSS feeds, social media content, etc. as advertisements. Run the videos on the digital screens to convey the message more effectively. Brands can push the customer feedbacks as well to improve the overall engagement. Thus, by connecting digital signage solutions with social media and other promotional aspects, businesses can not only increase brand awareness but also improve the trust amongst the customers.

Better Interactivity

Displaying various digital content on the screens, companies can improve the interactivity of their advertisement. Interactive content reduces the perceived waiting time by redirecting the customers to the positive messages for the brands. Traditional print advertisements cannot meet this capability in any way.

Open Invitation to Audience

Everyone and anyone who views the ad can be your customer. Once you upload an ad on digital signage, the technology immediately launches it on connected display screens. Show appealing and catchy content on the digital board that gets the attention of people and encourages them to visit the store. Creating attractive digital ads, brands can influence the customer behavior and engage them in a trendy, exciting and modern way.

Effective Buying Decisions

Create a profound impact on customers buying decisions by offering an incredible combination of powerful content, attractive design, and engaging videos.

80% of brands experienced up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage. – Neilson

Above statistic proves the influence of digital signage on the consumers’ purchase. Enterprises can easily engage shoppers for a long-term by enabling them with intuitive content. Moreover, brands can increase the business opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell, and impulse-buys by publishing engaging content when and where it matters the most.

Using the digital signage, brands can attract the customers’ attention at the right time in a more effective way. With the web-based and cloud-based signage solutions, it becomes easy to display your product or service details at the preferred locations just by clicking a button.

Omnipotent Brand Recall

Digital signage increases your brand recall rate by 83% that is higher than any traditional advertising media and platforms. Eights out of 10 customers recall at least one advertisement run on the digital display screen.- Arbitron

The statistic reveals that the digital signage solutions leaves a remarkable presence on the consumers by appealing to their senses. It drives a significant foot traffic and new customers to the stores.

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