How to Create COVID-19 Awareness through Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is something that impresses and interests me whenever I talk about it. Do you know why? It is the future of technology that determines whether your business is on-trend or not. When specifically talking about COVID-19, many businesses have realized how digital signage software helps them with yielding revenue even during a pandemic, without becoming stagnant. Although the technology has been showing improvements, it became the hot topic of the town after this pandemic. But today’s topic is not explained in developers or businesses aspect but for businesses to understand what is needed on top-most.

On one side when the World Health Organization is critically on finding out vaccines for the coronavirus outbreak, on the other side, businesses consider it a social responsibility to invest in digital signage displays on bringing awareness and safety precautions to protect them from this vulnerable pandemic. The government of every country should upgrade to digital board signs in spreading consciousness about the safety tips to be followed at this time. This blog will help you with how can you get down the coronavirus curve by implementing digital signage globally.

What aspects can digital signage support for getting the coronavirus down?

There are several areas where you can adopt digital signage to do your best in getting out people from this pandemic condition.

1. Education and awareness: Not other than digital signage can convey messages and information about coronavirus strongly. Though people are aware of simple tips to keep themselves away from being affected by the coronavirus, they may not be conscious all the time to wash their hands using handwash, sanitizers, and maintain social distancing. It has to become a practice in their everyday life because it is not just due to this pandemic, they follow, but even it helps to keep healthy through the following hygiene as a routine.

With the help of digital signage displays, this can be made effective and give a hint to the public to follow hygiene the moment they see the attractive text on the board. You can even display pictures to wear masks or how to maintain hygiene.

2. Online app development: Retail businesses that are into offering groceries, everyday essentials such as milk, dairy products, eatables, mask, or sanitizer manufacturing companies can prefer going for a mobile app to deliver your customers if you have the necessary products, at their door-step. You can send a digital note through notifications about the safety precautions that you have taken during this pandemic and what your customers should do as well before the shipment is delivered.

How digital signage plays a vital role here?

Digital signage has been followed as a successful technology in many fields, and now businesses that have not been into using it, have started adopting the technology recently. Digital signage benefits you in every way it can. To name a few,

1. Content management system: With implementing digital signage software, you can effectively handle content from anywhere anytime without giving so much push. In a single tap, you can display the same or different messages to any number of displays throughout the world. That is how digital signage is globally popular and worth as well.

2. Cloud-based displays: We all know that cloud-based technology always enables access to any sort of information anytime with tightened security, and at the same time, you can synchronize all data linked to multiple accounts in one single stretch. Thus, digital signage enables a cloud-based content management system and a multitude of cloud-based screens that provides users a real-time delivery platform similar to listening and viewing information from radio, television, and the web.

3. Target various demography: Like how content is more important in digital signage, similarly, it is important that to which demography of people your content reaches. The digital signage software gives you the privilege of publishing your content of target messaging to any geographical region or location for that matter.

4. The flexibility of managing displays: Having a digital signage manager helps you in maintaining all your digital signage networks, making the job easier to decide which content is relevant and which should be displayed in the playlist and when. You can give your manager the complete right to operate your digital signage account according to your instructions and push relevant, accurate, and updated content in real-time. So when you display education and awareness sort of messages on the digital signboards, it helps the public to protect themselves by not being affected due to coronavirus.

5. Thinking about tomorrow: Messages conveyed through digital signboards at the forefront of all the areas with the solid power of audiovisual stands exceptional and memorable in people’s minds. When we all expect our life to get back to normalcy then it is time for us to give a thought about solutions that can create an impact on everyone and fight against this coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore, it is considered to be a good time for planning effective content strategies that stay relevant until this pandemic situation gets over. If your business is down, but if you wish to come back after the lockdown period sustains, you have to even plan your future content strategies from now on. Instantaneous content strategies may not help you with digital signage but only instantly changing schedules can only help.


Practically, digital signage is not a solution for preventing the virus from attacking people. Instead, it functions as a medium to communicate and improve public awareness of the disease. It takes the normal tendency of how effective you feel listening to your favorite song with a picture on television rather than listening to just the audio on the radio. It also works in the same concept. If you wish to share any new views on digital signage in education and awareness of the coronavirus outbreak, please write to us anytime.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to handle coronavirus at the workplace?

When employees are at your workplace, make sure that you check their temperature while in and out. Provide them a mask to wear and display guidelines to follow at the workplace during this pandemic such as social distancing, washing hands often with hand wash or cleaning with a sanitizer, etc. Also know how they are traveling so that you can arrange for a vehicle in case the way they commute is not safe.

2. What benefits I shall gain by using digital signage?

If digital signage is implemented, it easily delivers breaking news in real-time, allows changing any previously displayed content on the screen, and also displays multiple items on the screen at the same time. You need not invest much in the design, avoid design and distribution costs, and enhance business revenue by renting or leasing your display space to other businesses too.

Moreover, to support bringing in public awareness of the coronavirus outbreak, adopting digital signage is the most effective way.

3. What components are a must for digital signage and how much should I invest in them?

You require a LED display, media player, content display software, networking, and mounting. You can see LED displays and media players online or visit any showroom to get the best device at the lowest price. For content display software, you can approach a company that develops it because you may not get it online unless the company sells it. The same goes for networking because once you speak to a networking company provider the company will handle from the beginning till end. For mounting, you should approach digital sign board dealers, who can help with hanging the displays wherever you want.

When you start enquiring about all these products and services with the respective service providers, you get to know the pricing as well. Based on your affordability and quality of products, you can decide which one suits your needs well.

4. What guidelines should I follow for creating impressive digital signage content?

A very good question but instead of giving you long answers, let me make it precise.

  • Follow simplicity: While accessing templates, your eyes might pop-out looking at colorful themes and amazing graphics to attract your target audience. But do not make it cranky or complex; otherwise your audience may not understand or like it. Select a simple design that gives a positive feel to your audience and makes the content stronger so that in either way it stays in their mind.
  • Review your content: There are many cases where without proofreading or editing content, businesses have lost or incurred losses. To not become shameful, give your content to an expert to review and then display on the digital signboards. You cannot afford both the money and popularity if you lose with mistakes in the content you display.
  • Rotate your content: Keep displaying the content you wish to highlight to your audience, again and again until it steps into their mind. You can set the timeline periodically in the software that how many times a particular content has to be displayed for how many days in a week, month or so.

You can even add calls to action and support your message with more design and graphics.