Locate Digital Signage at Point of Sale Spot to Influence The Customers

With the time, customers’ mindset gets changed. They adopt new technologies that enable them with more flexibility and comfort. In order to meet the transforming expectations of customers, industries and organizations have to accept and execute modern approaches over traditional practices.

Retail is one of those industries that is going through an enormous digital transformation in terms of interacting with the customers. Digital signage is an advanced technology that helps retailers in improving customer engagement by delivering next level values. You can find it in any retail shop like supermarkets, florist, bakery, real estate agency, driving school, hairdresser, butcher, bookshop, car/motorcycle dealer, grocery store, etc.

Placement of a digital signage display is the crux to gain competitive edges. Make this decision smartly and install the solution at strategic places that directly affect your revenue cycle. Any guesses which location of your retail store fits into this criteria? Certainly, the point of sale (POS) area.

Let’s have some insights why installation of digital point of sale display is imperative to improve sales.

Benefits of Installing Digital Signage at POS

Brand Building

At the POS, usually, customers have to wait in a queue for payment. Establishing digital display at the point of sale, you can get maximum attention of the target audience. Create a stunning display with attractive images, videos, and text that speaks all about you such as brand, products/services, promotional offers, etc. Adopting the digital signage solution, retailers convince the customers about their modern and forward-looking business approach.

Revenue Driver

Well, the digital point of sale display works as a money making machine too. It allows retailers to rent the display space to other brands and generate bucks out if it. It seems cool. Right? Permitting more brands to publish their advertisements on the sharing basis retailers can directly add value to their revenue. Moreover, you can promote complementary products and services and charge a fee for display.

Efficient Communication

Set up digital signage at the POS and it enables retailers to reach out right people at the right time and right location who really care about your offerings and who are in-store premises. Installing the software behind the Point Of Sale counter is a proven strategy to suggest customers’ products/services, they might willing to purchase.

Inform consumers about your latest promotion schemes and discounts. It may entice them to shop the product or service that is not on their list. By installing the advanced digital display at point of sale area, retailers convey their personalized messages to the visitors by displaying the information at the right time on the right screen.


Set up of digital display at Point of Sale location helps companies in improving their brand visibility by allowing to promote their business on the display screen. Create and publish attractive advertisements that appeal to the larger target audience.

Time Saving

Expert and renowned digital signage software development company enables retailers with a product with ultra-modern features and functionality. Leverage the automatic info update by integrating digital signage with your POS system. Retailers need to update the information into one system and the rest of systems will get updated automatically. It saves a lot of time to update the data manually on different systems.

Advertising Platform

Installing digital signage at POS spot, retailers can promote an array of products. For example; ready-made garment retailers can exhibit their new collection in an attractive way. Also, they can display loyalty schemes, product discounts, etc.

QR Codes

Create a QR code that contains your various information like company address, social media details, available branches, product offering, email address, website URL, and more. Display the QR code in your on-screen advertisement. Viewers can scan the QR code using their smartphones and get the required details.

Xynage – An Adaptable Digital Signage for Your POS Spot

  • Update and manage in-store communications and promotions on the constant basis from a remote location. Customize the screen display using basic content and template editing tools.
  • Launch impactful advertisements by understanding the customer behavior through predictive analysis and attain your business objectives.
  • Change product promotions and update its display automatically with the changing status of inventory.
  • The software fetches product price data instantly and automatically from the POS system and updates it on the digital screen.
  • Integration of kiosks allows customers to place immediate orders and check the availability of a product in-store or at other places.
  • Xynage changes the messages automatically as per the season, day and time, demographics, etc.
  • Integrate a variety of other solutions with the software such as touch technology, QR Code, beacon, and more to interact and engage the customers at Point Of Sale.
  • Convey information about promotions and special offers, marketing and advertising messages, and customer-specific marketing messages based on buyer behavior.

Xynage is a user-friendly digital point of sale display that can be managed by any person with minimal technical knowledge. Get in touch with us to learn how easy to operate the product. Retailers’ profits, efficiency, revenue, and throughput will take a quantum jump. Enable customers with an omnichannel experience by installing digital signage at point of sale areas of the store.