Top 6 examples of digital signage for employee communication

When you hear “employee communication,” what comes to your mind first?

Slack, HR, too many meetings, email chains, company intranets, and newsletters.

If you ask us, an obvious answer would be digital signage solutions and how digital displays can engage, improve, and make internal communication much more comfortable.

However, for most corporations right now, this just is not the case.

Companies haven’t been much investment into enhancing the employee experience but, with the rise of collecting achievements such as “Best Places to Work” and “Employee-friendly Company,” this trend is changing.

Excellent communications matters, and employees have now become the core of the institution. Every study of a successful enterprise showcases and supports how company culture is influenced significantly by how aligned staff feels with organizational goals and how much do they know about them.

The problem with email is, nobody has the time to read it. Slack is relatively too short for big news and announcements. Wikis and Intranets feel somewhat forced – are your employees genuinely engaged with the content there?

Benefits of digital signage for employee communication

The advantage of using digital signage for corporate communication is that TV screens are significantly visible. More than half of the offices claim to use digital screens in their communications strategy to communicate with their employees to share notices, give feedback, and provide data from customers. So why is that?

1 – Screens grab the attention

You can’t unsee a massive display that is on the wall, playing content every single day. Digital signage is assumed to have a recall rate of around 83%.

When you consider today’s short attention spans, that’s quite high. Our eyeballs are naturally drawn to movement and motion.

As a digital generation, who have seen TV throughout their lives, we have learned to be hypnotized by the digital displays itself.

2 – Screens communicate critical information quickly

Digital signage content is eye-catchy. It is not popping up in your email inbox when you are trying to get some work done. Moreover, you don’t have to decide to read or open it.

It is just there, hanging out on the wall while providing valuable information that you can consume as you grab a burger or take a break from your work.

3 – Help employees understand “WHY”

Digital signage helps employees to realize the company’s vision and mission statement and live with it.

Of course, employee communication strategies are only worth it if your employees are taking advantage of them. Digital signage benefits employee communication as it receives information out of silos and makes a point of entry quite low.

4 – Share information to everyone

Unlike an employee communication tool where you have to pay for every user, digital signage follows the one-to-many approach. A digital display in your office is visible to hundreds of employees.

Whereas tools like email and Slack send information to a few chosen people, digital signage opens up communication and brings more transparency.

Top 6 examples of digital signage for employee communication

1) Update meeting room booking systems

Setting up digital signages to showcase meeting room bookings will simplify employee communications. Small screens placed outside meeting rooms can help employees book rooms and check who is using a room at the time.

2) Share company dashboards

The internal data dashboard focuses on just the essential numbers for your business. It is updated each day automatically and generates charts that track your progress against the forecast.

This is a crucial piece of content for your employees. How can they worry about the numbers if they can not see them all the time?

It also helps you celebrate each time that an MRR creeps up, and what better way to remain focused than having this up in the office for each person to see?

A dashboard does not have to be monotonous statistics either. You can design a dashboard of anything you wish. You can display top performers, gamified sales targets, or also a goods deed dashboard where employees can submit acts of goodness anonymously.

3) Display social media feeds

Corporation updates are all pretty well, but always remember to mix up your content and leverage how exciting and personalized digital signage can be.

Social media managers are considered to be the closest to your customers. With digital signage for employee communication, you can bring everyone closer to your customers.

Use the Twitter search to enter your company’s handle. This will show you precisely what people are tweeting about your company. Add that in TripAdvisor ratings and Yelp reviews.

Create a Slack channel for client feedback and have it playing on the screen. Pop up that month’s client testimonials by designing a quick digital sign or an image.

4) Uplift employee engagement

Digital displays are great campfires around which the employees can form close bonds and share their personal experiences and stories.

Add collateral from the latest corporation events, celebrate birthdays, and congratulate promotions! Use complete transparency and announce organization updates, visions for the future, and figures.

5) Share digital noticeboards

A study from McKinsey discovered that for organizations where employees feel more connected, productivity improves by 20-25%, which is quite significant.

One of the ways employees can feel more connected is by their input. Asking an employee to submit a blog post or a newsletter might be a lot – but a simple notice isn’t much to ask for.

You can use it for happy birthdays, gentle reminders, invites out to lunch, celebrations, and quirky anecdotes.

You could even organize an “ideas board” where employees can send in their ideas, an excellent way to let every employee have their say and increase conversation within your office space.

6) Communicate across multiple offices

Have more than one office buildings? Well, you will not need more than one signage strategy. You can set up displays from any location within the same account and schedule them within playlists.

This allows you to produce different content for different offices, all connected under one network.

So maybe the social feeds and sales figures will differ, but the main themes and notices can be the same. While communicating with your employees, you can show content personalized to your employee audience, regardless of their office location.


Digital signage for employee communication has been gaining importance ever since its inception. However, it is still not quite popular in some of the third-world countries like India.

If you are looking forward to increasing your employee performance, you should contact our experts right away. At Xynage, we have all it takes to layout a stable and simple digital signage for employee communication.

Digital signage for employee communication – General FAQs

1) What are some of the biggest benefits of digital signage for employee communication?

Digital signage in the corporate world can help you to increase employee efficiency, communicate important information quickly, realize their purpose in the company.

2) What are the best practices for corporate digital signage?

When it comes to producing an internal communications plan and rolling it out onto a display, there are a few best practices that can help.

  • Update content regularly
  • Gather feedback
  • Use the screen to carry out multiple actions

3) What perks do I get with Xynage?

You can add HD videos, tickers, social media feeds, scrolling images, YouTube playlist, multimedia slideshows, and more.

4) How much does digital signage for employee communication cost?

Digital signage for employee communication costs quite less than a static display. A digital signage solution like Xynage can cost you about $1000-$3000 per location.