Digital signage for retail

Simple digital signage solution to manage multiple retail campaigns across multiple screens and stores

We work with companies and help them to implement digital signage for retail. We help clients to upgrade retail stores to deliver true omnichannel commerce experience to their customers.

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Dynamic in store advertising

Retailers can advertise their products, new launches, and offer discounts based on any festival or time of the year using in-store displays.

Interactive kiosks

Xynage allows you to build kiosks which can offer store locators and catalogs, support pre-bookings, and even payments.

Beacon integration

Offer context based and personalized information to your customers by integrating your beacon network and CRM with Xynage.

Window advertising

Create opportunities to entice your customers as they pass near your store by showing attractive offers and latest products using DOOH.

Bring digital at the core of your enterprise with digital signage for retail

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Key benefits of digital signage for retail


Fosters Impulsive Purchases

Showing attractive offers and products on digital signage near the billing counter drives customers to purchase that product.


Easy to Grab Attention

Massive digital signage outside the retail store helps to gain the attention of potential customers passing by your store.


Update Digital Content On-The-Go

Xynage allows you to update digital content and pricing directly from the ERP. It helps you to save time and effort.


Gain Popularity On Social Media

Implementing innovative and creative digital signage solutions to your store will help you gain popularity on social media.


Reduce Check Times Add Media

Digital signage for retail helps you to reduce the waiting times and check times with interactive kiosks and self-checkout counters.


Maximum Utilization of a Display

Digital signage solutions like Xynage allows you to divide a display into multiple sections and showcase different things in each section.

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